Shipping broker report 03/10/23

Shipping broker Seasure report released on 03/10/23

  • Bulker sales: Meh
  • Tanker sales: VLCC sale price - nice; MR sales - generally above avg
  • Container vessels: Only two; think the sales are avg, but given age and container market conditions, good for seller.

Dry bulk and Container shipping - nothing to write home about,
Tankers - way above avg for each category

Performance Shipping ordering a newbuild

Seasure Market Report 10 March 2023 | Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide

Tanker market does not seem to have let up too much. Prior week, FRO mgmt suggested China was back to > 10 MM bbls in imports. There is also suggestions that China’s imports are from further away i.e. Russia instead of Iran. Tanker side looks good - dirty, clean, LNG (though spot trades might be easing off)