Shipping broker report: 10/07/22

If one just wants straight data, shipping broker Seasure, usually has the cleanest report (Sales, charter by vessel category)

Notable items:

  1. of dry bulk transactions

  2. of tanker transactions (Maran’s VLCC sale particularly impressive)

  3. Afra tanker charter: above avg for 18 mos
  4. Both LNG charters impressive - lower rate is prob the Sept deal, and the higher one an Oct deal

Two deals involving companies I own- GNK, NMM each selling a Supramax. GNK has a few older Supras, so the event is a little surprising. NMM sale- year 15, so they could be selling before a dry dock


Another broker’s weekly report - Allied
Lots more data to ingest. But also somewhat messier.

Some data I don’t need every week, and other times, the extra data is helpful e.g. Allied has data on 2nd hand container vessels (Seasure did not have that data). Those sales events are useful to me this week

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