Shipping broker report 03/17/23

From shipping broker Seasure

  • Lots of bulker deals: Newcastlemax vessels - seem on the higher side (GOGL paid under $50M per vessel for vessels of a similar vintage on 5 of 6 vessels). Capes - above avg, and downward pressure on the Ultra/Supra
  • Lots of tanker sales: Above avg prices for all categories, but in particular, VLCCs, Suez and chem tankers
  • Bulker chartering seems to be picking up
  • Tanker chartering seems to be a fair mix of ST (less than a year) and medium term ( 2 - 5 years)
  • Newbuild activity from Maran and Exmar

Seasure Market Report 17 March 2023 | Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide