Shipping broker report - 11/17/23

Very active sale & purchase market this week for bulkers and tankers

  • 31 dry bulk vessels sold with consistency across vessel categories
  • Recently mentioned SB vessel shows up, plus two resales. Only one trade with multiple vessels. A Genco (GNK) purchase too?
  • 21 tanker sales - Aframax/LR2 and smaller
  • TRMD’s LR2 enbloc purchase “revealed”
  • TRMD’s LR1 paired sale, an INSW MR sale and PSHG’s Aframax sale. Not sure how to reconcile an Aframax with “Torm Marina”
  • 1 container vessel sold
  • Active newbuild deals 20 - 22 vessels ordered

All 7 Cape sales are/were modern tonnage. The four Panamax sales are older tonnage. But the other vessel categories seem to be mostly modern vintage. Nice pricing for sellers of modern tonnage. Likewise, for the sellers of tanker tonnage (both modern and non-modern)