Shipping broker report ending 07/07/23

Although Intermodal had a weekly report, it wasn’t too informative on Sale & Purchase activity. Going with Gibson this week, even though they have no transactional activity, and focus primarily on the tanker sector

2023-07-07-Negative-Naphtha_.pdf (

What usually occurs over the course of a typical Q3?
Dry bulk shipping activity picks up. It hasn’t yet.
Tanker activity slows down. Most of the rates in the report above are still profitable for tanker owners. But, the downward pressure is noticeable. In particular, for the clean tanker side.


Advanced Shipping & Trading did get around to reporting. Just on the following Monday (07/10). I was right to ignore Intermodal last week - I mean this report has 16 bulker transactions. Intermodal had 2 or 3.
last week.


  • 16 bulker transactions, 10 involving modern vessels.

  • If I was the buyer, would be pleased with the newer Newcastlemax deal

  • 4 tanker transactions, 1 involving a modern vessel

  • If vessel has no serious maintenance issues, LR2 vessel sale probably a positive for both buyer and seller

  • 6 container vessel sales

  • Old friend George Economou’s shipping owning and management entitiy on the 2 Newcastlemax newbuilds.