Shipping & World Economy Will Continue to Suffer as Long as the Gaza War Continues

There is no solution. Israel is moving forward to take it all.

Let’s remember the US only started with 13 states. Something must have gone wrong.

The people that now make up the Russian leadership did come originally from Ukraine. They were not from Mongolia.

China does not need Tibet.

Israelis have had enough. Those Palestinians who said I do not mind living with Jews are now Israeli citizens. The rest joined other armies because Jews were not Muslims.

The majority of Israelis have roots in the Middle East, not in Europe. This is not Zionism out of Europe. This is the Sephardic saying we know what living in poverty and being mistreated in the Muslim world is.

The real reason. If you look out over the decades to come there will be a lot of wars in the region. The wars are okay with you. You never say you have any problems with any of these wars. But when Israel is in a war you have a problem. So Israel is making it so they do not need to fight any more wars. They are kicking out those who would fight them.

If Canada was fighting you or Mexico was fighting you, you’d be done with them. In fact, Mexico and Mexicans have a much bigger claim in the US than do the Palestinians in the Middle East. Prepared to fight wars over it? You do not have to be. Israel is done with it.

The “traditional value” of “American exceptionalism”. Back then, the term was “manifest destiny”. No matter how you wrap it, it’s master race thinking.


Okay does not explain anything.

Give a third of the country back to Mexico. I am all for treating people nicely. You in?

Sephardic Jews are Arabs. The Palestinian Israelis are Arabs. Together that is 75% of Israelis.

Should Arabs control Israel or Palestine? Can Jewish Arabs do that?

That is why I am discussing freedom of religion.

Hamas from Hebrew usually translates as violence. Put up with a Mexican group calling itself “Violence Against America”. I’d like to see when your patience runs thin.

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Hamas is the democratically elected government of Gaza, 72% of Palestinians in Gaza support Hamas as the official voice of the people of Gaza. If tomorrow Hamas agreed to release the hostages (a complete body count) the bombing and intrusion into Gaza would end. As the official government of Gaza, Hamas could achieve this within days.


I would not call Hamas democratically elected. The sell-by date has long past on that one.

Hamas is just another BS dictatorship in the Middle East. Except that it threatens all the other dictatorships because it is the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hamas only wants control because Jews control Israel. If Muslims controlled Israel Hamas would be a nothing in that area.

Israel put up with Hamas because liberal Israeli courts and public opinion in Israel tried the path of a two state solution.

Hamas since 2007 has declared no quarter for Israel and an unending war.

Is Hamas weak? Yes.

Should Israel put up with Hamas any longer? That ship sailed.

Unless you want to applaud Mexicans lobbing missiles into San Diego and Corpus Christie you should not be upset with Israel.

You might want to support freedom of religion first.

Israel is 75% Arabs.

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Wrong. Putin himself is not pure ethnic Russian/Slavic. His paternal DNA is Finnic. The historical origin of Russian is the Slavic tribes in present day Russia were constantly fighting with themselves and with Finnic tribes who were being pushed out of their lands by the Slavic tribes. The Slavic and Finnic tribes agreed to have the Vikings from Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia come to rule over both tribes.

The Rurik Dynasty: A Mixture Of Vikings And Slavs

There are several theories about the origins of the word Rus’, which subsequently was the name of a powerful emerging medieval state that eventually became modern-day Russia. Some scholars state that the name is ascribed to a certain “Rus” people from eastern coastal Sweden, specifically from the region of Roslagen. Others present the Proto-Finnic name for Sweden, Ruotsi, as the root, or the Norse word rods, which simply meant “men who row.”

However, there is a far simpler explanation that emerges as a distinct possibility. That is the Proto Slavic word rusъ, from the older word *rudsъ, both meaning “fair, blonde, fair haired.” There is no doubt that the Swedish Vikings were largely blonde, which is the possible origin of their name in Slavic languages.

The Rurik dynasty gets its name from a Viking chieftain named Rurik. The date for the dynasty’s founding is 862 AD, when Rurik headed the important trading center of Ladoga (Staraya). Rurik founded the town of Novgorodin that same year. He came to the lands of the Slavs apparently at their own behest, to rule over them.

Rurik didn’t arrive on his own: he came with his two brothers at his side. The three of them established their rule in three different towns, but soon after both of Rurik’s brothers died, and he took over their lands and consolidated his rule, laying the foundations of the early medieval state that was to be known as Kievan Rus’.

Back to Unity: The Ruriks At The Head Of An Empire

One of the most famous rulers of the Rurikid dynasty was without a doubt Ivan the Terrible, who reigned from 1547 to 1584 AD. For it was under Ivan’s rule that the Rurik dynasty once more sat at the head of a unified state. During his rule, a centralized Russian state emerged, transforming from the medieval period state into a state headed by a tsar. Ivan the Terrible was the first tsar (emperor) of Russia, launching the Rurikids into a new era of prosperity. Thanks to him, the principalities that followed the Kievan Rus’, namely Vladimir-Suzdal, Moscow, Novgorod, and Kiev, were once more under “one roof.”

Alas, all good things must come to an end. One could argue that the fate of the Rurikid dynasty was sealed even when it got started in 862 AD, as great ruling dynasties often fall apart and disappear. After all, such is the nature of history.

Thus, it was that the Rurik dynasty ended with the death of Fyodor I the Bellringer, the last of the Rurikids, in 1598 AD. Following this, the Romanov family took the throne in 1613 AD.

However, numerous descendants of the Rurik dynasty still live today, as members of numerous extant sub-branches. Some of the families that still exist today and trace their lineage to “Rurik stock” are princes Kropotkin, Shakhovskoy, Gorchakov, Obolensky, and others. The wheel of time might have cast them to many different parts of the world, but their family trees cannot be disputed, They are all connected by blood to that opportunist Viking chieftain from the late ninth century AD, Rurik.


Thanks, I am wrong about much of the leadership.


According to the Chernoles culture theory, the pre-Proto-Slavs originated in the 1025–700 BC culture located in northwestern Ukraine and the 3rd century BC–1st century AD Zarubintsy culture.

Shipping costs continue to rise.

Global trade has been under immense pressure since the Israeli-Hamas war broke out in October. The offshoot conflict in the Red Sea has meant higher freight costs and increased expenses for insuring commercial trade goods.

Shipowners are confronted with higher insurance premiums as the risk of losing a vessel has dramatically increased, above all, in the Red Sea. Moreover, moves to avoid the Suez Canal for safety reasons and instead navigate around the Cape of Good Hope, have greatly increased travel times and led to significantly higher fuel consumption.

The Drewry World Container Index, which monitors the freight market, reported that within the third week of June alone shipping prices for a 40-foot standard container jumped 7% — up a staggering 233% compared with the same time a year ago.

Transits almost cut in half

Number of monthly transits in Suez and Panama Canals, October 2021–January 2024

Moving factories from China to Mexico is looking better & better.


Then why is oil at a reasonable price?

Shipping rises with the holiday season wholesale trade.

Zeihan claims because we continue to allow Russian oil to flow.

Russian oil accounts for roughly 10% of the global energy supply. If you take that away, everyone in the world is going to feel the heat (or lack thereof). No leader, especially a US President, is willing to bite that inflation causing bullet.

This boils down to one thing, is the fallout worth it? If the US severs ties to global energy markets, that could cause a global crisis or depression, and even fracture the Western alliance. Not ideal. Enforcing a Russian oil ban could lead to escalation and military involvement…also, not ideal.

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Russian oil shipped through the Suez?

I assume it varies.
Russian “ghost” fleet:

Also there is a pipe line from Russia to China.