Shocking! Alarming! Crashing food prices!

When the “shortage” narrative gave cover for food prices to be escalated, bachelor chow ramped up to $3.89, and forget about trying to get any on sale. Over the past year, they have been on sale, at $2.50. Now, the list price is $3.75 and they are on sale this week for $2.00.


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The only thing I’m paying elevated prices for is eggs. For years, up until the COVID pandemic, I almost never paid more than 99 cents a dozen for eggs. It was $2.30/dozen this week.


It seems the chickens had their own pandemic which killed a lot of them off.


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Prices maybe stabilizing somewhat, but in many
cases package size is being reduced. Instead of
a 16oz can you are seeing a 12oz can at same
price as the former size or slightly higher. The price on a bag of potato chips is a joke.


I posted my Aldi prices info before. They are up much more than inflation. And so far not coming down. Continuing to increase.

Plus some smaller package sizes and watered or underweighted filling.

Recall after Nixon’s Price Freeze way back when price reductions in list are uncommon. More likely to offer temporary sale prices.