SHOP - The Oracle of Ottawa

Tobi is interviewed on the latest The Tim Ferriss Show - the most popular business podcast in the world.

Extensive podcast notes are included :


"Increasing “luck surface area” and staying in touch with the front lines by getting in the trenches from time to time. [1:47:44]

How Shopify’s chief investor from the early days still helps Tobi focus on what’s important — by ensuring he’s not “meddling” in minutiae. [1:49:13]

Though the future is admittedly uncertain, here are two things Tobi believes a forward-looking CEO can do to peek into what seems most probable. [1:51:54]

Is modern China showing us tomorrow today? [1:54:05]

What can the massively successful but mostly ignored video game industry teach the business world about the human psyche? [1:55:00]"