I wonder if anyone has a view on SHOP. I am watching its decline with interest. It was affected by the results and maybe also some read-across from the plight of retail. However…

SHOP… 'til you drop… to what?

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Hi Streina,

There is a very good article on seeking alpha that presents a well balanced assessment of the company.…

I hope you find it useful!



Yes, the Shopify article is by Bert Hochfeld, who is my favorite analyst, and the only one I actually follow. I got into Shopify because of the MF recommendations, but Bert’s article was a great confirmation.

Here’s a link to my Quarter-End Review at the beginning of April.…


Many thanks Cleverbear1 for the input on SHOP - very interesting article and your own take on it Saul. Totally against my rules of course!

I think the market will be wary of it for some time until it eventually proves itself (earnings). Now might therefore be a good time to average down a small flutter.

I really try not to do this sort of thing. Over the years my weakness for a flutter on the horses has not been helpful although mercifully I have always kept the bets small.

The stock is being punished because the company has previously expressed that becoming profitable was a priority. Recent turns of an event have indicated that this line of thinking has shiftly slightly away from profitability as a primary goal, instead leaning towards gaining market share.

While many believe the price will eventually find its way to new highs, others don’t want to wait that long and pulled out to put their money where they believe it will produce gains more quickly.

We can’t forget that while most on this board are in it for the long term, they are countless individuals and funds out there more interested in making gains short term and are willing to shift money around as needed to get there.

This best explanation I have seen for the recent price tumble, which is also logical from a market perspective. That said, as we always are reminded, the market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent…so averaging down over and over until a stock takes over your protfolio is never a good plan!