Shopify - For what it's worth:

I bought a little also at $102.60 to add to my oversized position (just a very little). I couldn’t resist. That definitely doesn’t mean that Shopify will finish above my buy price. Not at all. It’s just what I did after reading what the Baird analyst had to say (see my post above). I think the market started to rise right after the analyst came out with that. Sometimes a voice of sanity goes a long way, especially since he backed it up with facts.



You probably know my stance on SHOP - it’s a high risk, high reward stock that’s too risky for my tastes, but for what it’s worth, I think this short attack is BS and if you already like the stock it’s a good opportunity to buy.

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I missed the boat on this one but I have been standing on the dock waiting for it to come back. I will buy a ticket tomorrow. I think it has the same destination as the UBNT boat, back up after Citron told us it was sinking.


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Left really seems to be grasping at straws. IMO opinion, if it wasn’t Left, it would be some other market turmoil that will push SHOP down now and then. I think it’s just part of the deal when one owns a premium, blisteringly fast grower.

Unfortunately, due to my allocation rules (I really do have to protect myself from me or I would have been 100% in SHOP 6 months ago), SHOP has hit a max, and I can’t invest more unless we actually do get a 50% drop. I can only hope.

I hope no one get’s stressed from this nonsense. Anyway, I have had a long day at the lab, I’m ready for a nap.

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I really do have to protect myself from me or I would have been 100% in SHOP 6 months ago.

That would have really been a bummer for you to have missed out on the KITE buy-out (like me :frowning: ). I had KITE pretty high up on my watch list, but hadn’t yet dug in enough to buy anything.

Arista Networks is at the top of my list presently (with Hubspot right up there near it). Double and triple whammy recommendations from Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers, and this board tend to get my attention.

Here’s Bert’s take on the short attack:

I initially recommended SHOP when it was $42. I sold it when it reached $93. I have certain disciplines and was not able to justify the valuation. I also am a SHOP customer.

Andrew Leff and his Citron Research are evil, dishonest and ignorant. SHOP is about as far from the Herbal Life paradigm as anything I can imagine. Much of this man’s evidence is spurious, contrived and mendacious. It is relatively easy to do a deep dive on this name and determine what it is all about. It is not about fraud or misrepresentation or get rich quick. It provides tools for real people to build a web store. One can look up plenty of user testimonials. I am one these days. If you want to build a great web store and sell lots of product-try Shopify.

Andrew Leff makes a living so-called by using slander and credulity as tools to gull those who want to believe he knows what he is doing. Is what he is doing free speech. I do not know. But after I saw what his MO was in slandering Ubiquiti, I have resolved to simply ignore his ill-tempered and poorly expressed sentiments.

For me, SHOP shares are expensive and thus I do not own them. But if this man drives their price downk I will surely reenter the name.

Quoted from the comment section in a SA article yesterday.
Shopify: A Response To Citron $SHOP



Long SHOP. Did not do anything yesterday or today but unlike Bear, luck wasn’t on my side as I added the day before the attack.