Shopify and Facebook Shops

So the announcement that Facebook is rolling out Facebook Shops seems to be positive news to long-time Shopify shareholders like me. Essentially, Shopify business customers will be able to use FB Shops as another channel to sell their products and engage with their customers.


As a result of the integration, a business’s Shopify product catalog would be exposed on FB Shops, and a FB user could complete the eCommerce transaction through the FB interface. With so many small businesses hurting right now, I assume this is a win-win-win for them, FB and SHOP. Most consumer-focused small businesses already have an FB page, so being able to sell products directly through that page would be huge for them.

FB was up 6% today on this announcement, and SHOP was up over 3%. I’m curious to hear what others have to say about the effect this will have on Shopify financials going forward.



Note Shopify already had social media sales channel integration (product/SKU/variant syncing, payments, etc), including Facebook and Instagram. This sounds like a new skin for the existing channels with some polish…?