Shopify now allowing sales of NFTs on platform

Just saw this on my news feed. At first I thought: “Meh”. I’m not personally interested in NFT’s as art or as sports memorabilia or as an investment vehicle… but many people clearly are. This market could be HUGE going forward. Or maybe it eventually fizzles like pet rocks did. (Anyone else remember those?1) Nice to see Shopify taking advantage either way, with no complicated exchanges and no cryptocurrency needed.

I have a cool photo I took of the sun setting over the Mississippi River near my house on the evening of Dec. 31st, 1999. The last sunset of the millennium! Wonder if some rich New Orleanian would pay $$ for the “original”? Wonder how many other digital images / moments in time will be bought and sold as NFTs in the coming years? If Jeff Bezos snapped a picture out the window during his space flight last week (and of course he did), what’s that NFT worth? The future possibilities for this market are pretty mind-blowing. And I think Shopify is pretty smart to open up the platform to sellers who want to make money.…

Long Shopify, #2 holding at 15% of port. Shopify reports earnings tomorrow.