Shopify's Roadshow

Those who want to dip their toe in the water. Check out Shopify’s roadshow that they created when they launched Ipo’d. Give you a nice feel for what they do.


Thanks for posting this roadshow. Great stuff. I am not a SHOP shareholder, but I am collecting premium by selling puts. That means, I may soon be a shareholder. I have sold Oct 90 and Nov 80 puts and will continue to do so while collecting premium. Of course, at some point, I may end up owning shares if they are put to me.



Funny I have 2 put contracts also but at 90 for January. Was not thinking we would see 90 again. Also have Put contracts on Nvidia at 170 and Skyworks 97.50 for November. Would love to own these stocks at these levels but picking up the premiums and lowering your costs seems to be a good tradegy for your favorite stocks.