Should I start of TLRA

I’m new to this discussion board.I hope to learn from you all. For many years I invested in banks and lost a lot of money. After joining MF in 2016 I started a position in technology stocks and I’m glad I did. But I limit myself to those big technology companies like Googl, AMZN, Appl, FB, MA, V, Pypl and ISRG. August 2018 I decided to start a position in small cap Docu,Appf,TTD,MDB,Sfix and Appn. This is when I woke up as TTD and MDB double within a short time but I lost half in Sfix and Appn. All these companies are unknown to many people and it’s quite hard to talk about it which is why I wanted to join a discussion group. Recently I read about TLRA, this is completely new territory to me as it’s a microcap and very high risks. My question am I moving too fast going into microcap when I just started on small cap ?

yes you are moving too fast. No, don’t invest in TLRA. First learn how to evaluate a company.


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Thanks I’m reading knowledge base, amazing information, I have so much to learn. Many thanks to the author for sharing your knowledge. I’m glad I found this board.

Hi GinIpoh,

Sorry, been away from the boards for two weeks. Trying to catch up on all the amazing posts (which is no small feat).

I saw TLRA in the subject, and wanted to repost some thoughts I had from May 2018:…

Subsequent to that post, and another good reason never to follow my or anyone else’s trades, I decided to sell out of TLRA and redeploy those funds into TTD. I thought TLRA would be a good return, but I had much more confidence in Jeff Green and TTD to capture CTV market growth. Either way, TLRA has been anywhere from a 50-300% return depending on where you caught it in the last 12 months.

I have not followed the quarterly reports since I’ve sold, but happy to take another dive this week if anyone is interested.