Should You be Buying Disney?

From The Street.Com, the reasons why you should be buying Disney shares now:…


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I think DIS is still risky and expensive, but if you’ve got a very long-term horizon, it should be a good buy. Can’t see how it won’t be. Of course, one can also wait for a confirmation of a new breakout, but not sure when that will happen, might be a while.

One thing that would be nice is if DIS could start to deleverage a bit. Not sure what it could sell, but maybe there are some assets somewhere, even little investments here and there around the world, that might have appreciated and could cut some of that debt down. I say this because the sooner DIS can get back to a dividend then the better off we will all be. (And please, a quarterly one; if not, don’t bother, just do buybacks)

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