Side hustles…

**Your Stock Portfolio Needs a Side Hustle**
**No side hustle? No problem. Play this market trend instead**
**by Laura Forman, The Wall Street Journal, 3/8/2022**

**A survey from web-automation company Zapier found that as of December 2020 one in three Americans had a side hustle—a job in addition to their full-time work—and that about a quarter planned to start one in 2021. Side gigs aren’t new but have been gaining in popularity, especially with younger people. A survey from Lending Tree found millennials the most likely demographic to have one, with half reporting a side hustle as of 2020, followed closely by Gen Z at 46%. ...** [end quote]

Wow, that really is a Macro trend if half the young population is doing it.

The article mentions a number of companies that are facilitating side hustles.

E-commerce platforms like eBay, Etsy and Shopify.

Freelance online marketplace Fiverr International.

Angi Inc.’s Handy is a two-sided marketplace for home services. enables instant booking for those seeking care and offers an easy way for caregivers to more flexibly participate in the workforce.

Poshmark, Snap, Meta and Pinterest.

The stock prices of these companies are already battered. It’s hard to say how far they will fall as the bubble deflates. But if the trend of side hustles continues at least some of them may recover.



They forgot Patreon, DirectToDigital, Smashwords…

What’s the difference between a side-hustle and just a second job?

Sure, some of the millennials are working an entrepreneurial second job rather than just working as a waiter or similar, but basically, it’s the same as always - if you’re not making enough at your day-job, you take a second job to get ahead (or sometimes stay afloat…).

BTW, the article is paywalled.

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