Simon Sez IV in review

Simon Sez IV per Simon’s Werld®

re: Simon Sez IV two (2) simple rules apply to HA Smoothie.

Heikin-Ashi Candlesticks are an offshoot from Japanese candlesticks.

Heikin-Ashi Candlesticks are based on price data from the current open-high-low-close, the current Heikin-Ashi values, and the prior Heikin-Ashi values.

Buying and selling with the GREEN and RED bars.

The intention was written to trade only with Heikin-Ashi charts because it smoothes out the regular candle stix mess in transit. As you will soon see, it is easy on the eyes.

Now we have to listen to what Simon Sez to do with just two (2) simple rules.

a. BUY on the First GREEN Bar after the Last RED bar. No waiting.
b. SELL on the First RED Bar after the Last GREEN bar. No waiting.

This is funny I have an index card that is written in RED and GREEN ink and blue ink for the remaining werds not to forget what Simon Sez to do.

  1. using COST chart as an example. A stock to own for a life time. Hot dogs are still a Buck fitty.

  2. we are in the RED area and waiting for the last RED bar.

  3. The last GREEN bar was on 11/30/22 then the following morning a RED bar appeared. Simon Sez man No waiting around and SELL it providing it does not head north as a possible head fake.

  4. And we wait and wait and wait then on the last RED bar that appeared on 1/6/23

Simon Sez, to BUY the first GREEN bar after the last RED per Rule a.

  1. And again we wait and wait or Go Fishin or hit some little white pellets on the big GREEN carpet.

  2. Stir - Rinse - and Repeat when the last GREEN / RED Bars appear.

How to build the HA Smoothie template with Barchart.

Here’s how to set up the chart template. Go to ‘Settings’. Then at SYMBOL, then “Bar Type”, Pick “Colored OHLC Bars” format you want and then turn it off. Next, go to ‘Studies’ and select ‘HA Smoothed’. Lastly, save the chart as a ‘Template’. (Free accounts are allowed five templates.)

Pretty obvious how to trade such a chart, right? and the same ‘Wait One’ rule would apply.

Well, I named my new chart HA Smoothie.


Is there a primary time frame that you use while checking others?
What other parameters do you use other than HA smoothed?
I believe you review all the information you can find on a purchase as do I. Are there any special sites that you use for information. I hit the usual ones like Zacks, Marketwatch, Tipranks, SWS. Thanks for posting these…doc

edit: I wish there was a way to save these. With the old fool you would mark it for later reply and have it to review another time.

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re: Barchart
Barchart has tons of information at my fingertips.

I generally click on News at the top left side and look for Chart of the Day be it OMAB noticing the incline. Missed the bus Gus after jamming the chart to the left.
Same for NMR, missed DNUT. With DNUT view the chart and then jamb the chart to the left wall to only show two (2) ARCs.

USX (put your mouse on 3/20 and scream at the leap heading north) is being bought out by Knight-Swift (ticker NNX.

I use these pads to record all the Chart of Day tickers starting with column 1 and on down etc… space available I and the date.
And note taking all in a 1 inch binder.

Q…What other parameters do you use other than HA smoothed? All my purchase of stocks are trade with Simon Sez III for simplicity sake.

Q… edit: I wish there was a way to save these. If your are referring to all the other Simons.
a. review the Simon in question, then:

  1. with your mouse left click the top left corner of the first line and and drag the mouse down to the last line

  2. right click and click on copy.

  3. open up your Notepad and then paste it in notepad.
    4… at the bottom create a name you would like . eg…blah blah blah .txt. you have to add dot txt which will show you where you are parking the file.

  4. I would recommend that you create a folder and place the file

  5. I would recommend that you get a print out for your binder.

Stir rinse and repeat for all others.

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I think thats the problem I have with some of your posts. The parameters I was wondering about were 1 month vs 3 month vs 6 month. Do you use the Parabolic metric (PARTP) and what settings do you use like the 50 and 5. On the HA smoothed what settings do you use like 10 and 2 or 9 and 3. I don’t remember if it was you or Arindam on the TSI but the parameters were 16, 8 and 4. I’m actually wondering how you set up the graph for your technical analysis. Also I was wondering if you don’t use these metrics, how do you set up your chart and what metrics are you using. As far as the arcs, TSI xover, red bars and green bars I believe its pretty simple. If thats all it took however we would all have a 100 million methinks! Thanks for the barchart website trade signal recommendations. I will check that in the morning and run the TA on them I appreciate both you and Arindam helping us with education. This is an interesting style of investing and I am trying to learn it. I’m already looking at one day and two day charts trying out the see saw patterns and quick trades.

Also, I am a huge covered call investor and these charts are very helpful for that too I think…doc

edit: Maybe my question about the parameters was too vague