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Simon Sez II. “Wait-one bar ARC to ARC” per Simon’s Werld® rule signal **

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When an ARC aka Smiley Face appears to do the following:

1 ) For the TOP ARC, we wait and wait until the next day when the price drops below the high signal to SELL the stock.

2 ) For the BOTTOM ARC, we wait and wait until the next day when the price bar is rising upwards to BUY the stock.

eg…QQQ - Nasdaq QQQ Invesco ETF Interactive Chart - a BUY signal has occurred on 10/04/19. We are now waiting for the next SELL signal.

For the very first time when viewing a chart, the default will go to Frequency: Daily 6 months. You can change the months to 2M or 1M or any time periods that will make you comfortable when viewing the Chart.

3 ) How to add the Stochastic RSI to the bottom: click on the study tab just above the chart and scroll down to Stochastic RSI and then click the apply tab. The RSI act as our confirmation tool. Look to the right side of the Over Sold (pink area)crossover to buy the stock.

** “Wait-one bar” rule signal is when the ARC appears, we wait for the next bar to the right to either rise or go down indicating a BUY or a SELL signal.

Now for the cheat sheet which can all be on a yellow Post-it in Blue, Green and Red colours. Werks for me.

Class - Simon Sez II - Holy Grail

Holy Grail: “something that people want very much, but which is very
difficult or impossible to achieve”.

Okay now for the Holy Grail part of having fun without really trying.
I believe we can make money with the aid of Simon.

eg… BCE - BCE Stock Interactive Chart -
start with 12/12/19

eg…CNX - CNX Resources Corp Stock Interactive Chart -
start with 11/08/19 and then 12/05

The Rules:

We have to use Red and Green OHLC’s or candlesticks for now. The
option with black lines doesn’t show the big picture.

I have a hard time understanding the candlesticks. So go along with me
for now, using the coloured RED and GREEN OHLC’s.

Here are the following rules that I found so far broken into two (2)
parts. TOP and BOTTOM.


TOP: RED or GREEN ARC appearances

When you see the GREEN ARC = Wait-one day rule applies

When you see the RED ARC = SELL immediately when it appears.

To BUY @

BOTTOM: RED or GREEN ARC appearances

When you see the GREEN ARC = BUY immediately when it appears.

When you see the RED ARC = Wait-one day rule applies

I have looked at over 500 stocks and ETF’s for the past few days and
for fun the Motley Fools 100 Fund as well as the CNBC’s 100 Fund
trying to punch holes in my observations with the above rules.

I was using 2-month charts as a default. 1 month to make money faster.

If you see something different then what I have been observing, please
let me know.

As a quiz, what did I do with the Tetter Totter combo of SPY / SH, PSQ / QQQ. Notice we did not lose a dyme.

If you see anything strange in appearance drop down to 1month or take your cursor and go below the dates area and click and slide the chart to the left slooooowly and look for at least 2 ARCs on the chart. Try AAPL. AAPL - Apple Stock Interactive Chart - Majjic !

Webinar Recordings -… How to get the most out of the Interactive charts.

Something to ponder. Please take your time in learning how to protect your ASSets.