Article on Skyworks

A rare positive and nicely done Seeking Alpha Article on Skyworks.

Skyworks Solutions: Irrational Fears About Apple Make It A Solid Buy

Skyworks’ recent meltdown was based on a misperception of the chip company’s current opportunities not just in Apple iPhone, but in the Internet of Things.

Skyworks has a genuine, durable competitive advantage and a narrowing field of capable competitors.

My price target of $115 is based on a sanity check of both upside and downside factors.

Given its focus, steady management, and growing market opportunities, Skyworks is a multi-year play, not just a short-term opportunity.…


Thanks Saul.
I saw this article.
i have SWKS but i have been trying to be cautious.
However, this article does a good job of explaining the manufacturing advantage (which i have been calling execution in my previous notes) in addition to positive market dynamics.