SNOW press release sounds significant

Snowflake Extends Relationship with AWS to Improve Demand Forecasting and Delivery for the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

New offering delivers Amazon purchase order data directly within the Snowflake Data Cloud for seamless inventory management

This latest development will offer customers the ability to receive Amazon purchase order (PO) data and leverage product demand forecast data generated by Amazon Forecast within Snowflake’s Retail Data Cloud

Retail and CPG businesses that sell on Amazon need to accurately forecast and anticipate variances of demand for their products, while also planning for manufacturing and delivery lead times to Amazon fulfillment centers.

Snowflake’s Retail Data Cloud, which unites Snowflake’s data platform, Snowflake- and partner-delivered solutions, and industry-specific datasets, breaks down data silos across the retail industry. With this announcement, retail brands and CPGs that sell on Amazon will now be able to receive their Amazon PO data natively in Snowflake, leverage brand-level and fulfillment center-level forecasts, and access new data from third-party data providers within the Retail Data Cloud, all on Snowflake’s single, integrated platform. The AWS and Snowflake relationship will empower retail businesses to process, analyze, act on, and syndicate data from a multitude of sources without the delays of traditional methods which require copying and moving data.
The Snowflake and AWS offering will enable retail and CPG customers to:

Import Amazon purchase order data: More easily import Amazon PO data into Snowflake to better access, govern, and share data seamlessly across the organization.
Increase forecast accuracy: Improve forecast accuracy using machine learning models from Amazon Forecast to create accurate time-series forecasts to predict demand for variable vendor purchase orders weeks ahead of time.
Track product change impacts: Track product weight or dimension changes to ensure they adhere to manufacturer standards.
Reduce OTIF penalties: Improve on-time in-full (OTIF) metrics to enhance organic ranking on, reduce chargeback expenses, and help ensure products are in-stock for consumers to buy.
Ensure high velocity SKUs in stock: Match correct probabilistic forecasts with SKU sales velocity to help ensure key products will stay in stock and improve revenue.

“Today’s retail and CPG businesses are looking for accurate, efficient, and timely technology solutions to help deliver on their promises to consumers and positively impact their bottom lines,” said Rosemary Hua, Global Head of Retail & CPG at Snowflake. “ has revolutionized how retail and CPG businesses sell and deliver to consumers and, similarly, Snowflake has had a profound impact on empowering businesses to optimize their operations and seamlessly collaborate on data. Together, Snowflake and AWS can streamline data-driven inventory management for items sold on Amazon.”


Hi Saul and again, thanks for all you do for we investors,

i found this blog on the Snowflake website intriguing as well as a compliment to your observation.

Drive Retail Profitability, Stability with Snowflake’s Retail Data Cloud

In 2022, retailers are still dealing with the lasting impacts of the global pandemic, including a decreased workforce, supply chain disruptions, and surging inflation. At the same time, now is the chance for a “long overdue great retail reset” that could promote stability and profitability, according to a recent Deloitte report. This includes restructuring outmoded supply chains, rightsizing inventory management, reviewing pricing, recalibrating promotional cadences, and reinventing the physical store for the digital age.…

The Delooitte (a DataDog customer ;^) ) Report is specific to Retail, though, as you alluded, this DATA RESET encompasses more than just retail as we can see from Snowflake expansion into other sectors beyond retail to include Health, finances, tech…

There is indeed a significant Data reset going on that i have been reading about over a number of platforms and sectors. Just to point out how diverse this reset is and how capital is being deployed to develop the Data reset - PayPal Ventures Invests in Commerce Automation Platform Cymbio

Cymbio , for example bills themselves as The Leader in Brand-to-Retail Connectivity to help
Boost digital sales and visibility of manufacturers and helps them to gain access to retailers through fully automated drop ship and marketplace operations.

We have been observing the Cybersecurity Reset as Zscaler, SentinelOne and others expand their platform offerings while assisting businesses safe/secure transition to the cloud.

Release Upgrade Summary (2022)
The following service updates were deployed to on the following dates.
March 25, 2022 …

The Financial Reset can be witnessed in expanding platform to deliver streamlined accounting and now, with the recent Divvy acquisition, enhanced security, increased international TAM, and a doubling of their domestic market.

DataDog customer base includes such diverse businesses as Whole Foods, 21st Century Fox (media), SoFi (financial), Harvard Medical School (health education) and a deep bench of companies and sectors.

So i am impressed with many of these companies, and how this significant Data Reset is growing, presenting a diverse and deep expanding TAM, rapidly expanding into these diverse sectors, partnering with each other to compliment availability, and revolutionizing how Data is used to empower customers and improve business efficiency.

Thanks again for the Food For thought.

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