Snowflake setting an example for their customers

Cortex, TechCrunch
In Private Preview, Snowflake announced Cortex
a fully managed service, designed to help both business users and developers work with AI-fueled applications on the Snowflake platform.

It has a couple of purposes, depending on your role. For business analysts, it provides access to several AI tools built on Snowflake’s own custom LLMs to make it easier and faster to interact with data stored in Snowflake. For developers, it helps them build generative AI applications on top of the data stored in Snowflake, in part, taking advantage of a capability that came to Snowflake with the Streamlit acquisition last year.

FinallyFoolin commented on X that this is a BIG BIG Deal.

I think this is the minimum Snowflake needed to do…it’s kinda what their selling right.




Making it easy for companies to apply an LLM on their Snowflake data. As stated in the article, use an LLM on your data in seconds. Build a data app utilizing an LLM in minutes.

Note, the Snowflake native LLMs are not intended for HEAVY GPU type workloads. Most data sets won’t need that. However, making it easy for any Finally Fool to implement an LLM on their data (SECURELY, without knowledge spill) is big and yes, expected.

The days when the software you interact with at work has set fields for you to pull up reports are limited to be replaced by basically a single box where you say in natural language what report you want to see.