So, caromero1965, how are you liking your new ASUS Zephyrus G14?

As for me: I still haven’t sent in my lemon of a Lenovo Ideapad 5 to be “repaired” but the saga continues: in addition to the annoyingly aggressive fan behavior in Windows 11, and the seemingly random and unrelated-to-anything-software-wise that might be going on around the same time (it happens mostly at night when the laptop is “sleeping”, though it has also happened in the day after having gone to sleep, but has never happened when I’m actively using the laptop) restarts, I can now also report that merely being in the BIOS before booting to Windows causes the fans to rev at their seemingly maximum speed, and that won’t stop until you continue on to Windows. Does that mean anything to anyone?

I can believe the “fans spin high until I get into Windows” thing because maybe there’s some software measure to protect the system from overheat during periods when it’s not clear to the system what’s going on. I have seen this kind of behavior in other systems, I think a Dell I have does this sometimes.

But your system sounds… unsettling. I found for my Asus a couple of threads that steered me to get my G22 mostly behaving the way I want – which is 90% of the time the GPU is completely disabled, but it’s there when I want to game and am plugged into an outlet. Battery life is 6-7 hours without GPU on “silent mode” (run slow enough to keep the fans off) and more like 45 minutes with the GPU and CPU on full blast.

if I were you I’d start looking in Reddit for similar stories on your exact model, see if anyone has solves for them.

I’m not in love with this machine but I think I wouldn’t return it at this point even if I could. It’s good enough that research on a different choice wouldn’t get me much of a better one. And at least having a discrete GPU and 6GB of RAM for it, I can start poking around with some machine learning stuff in my copious spare time, which was a goal for professional development.

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Well, that’s good to know. Googling seems to confirm this. So, at least THAT behavior (probably) isn’t a cause for alarm. And yes, the (so far as I can determine) random reboots are indeed ‘unsettling’. Googling for the specific problem with my “IdeaPad 5 Pro 16ARH7 Type 82SN” have not revealed anything helpful other than possibly being a hardware problem.

Good luck with your ASUS!

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Do you know anything about “AMD Software - Adrenaline Edition”. This came pre-installed on my Lenovo, and is accessible via a right-click menu option on the desktop. It doesn’t show up in Control Panel as a removable program. It seems to be (or include a) driver and I’ve been trying to find out if I have an old version or not. My current version is shown below, but I can apparently get a newer version from AMD by searching for my APU and downloading it starting from That eventually led me to, and I downloaded a seemingly newer version, that, based on the warning, may or may not be compatible with my “OEM” version of this software. I frankly don’t understand why it wouldn’t be.

What I have:

What I could have but haven’t installed yet: