Odd mouse behavior on Windows 10

Today, my two month old Logitec wireless mouse starting randomly and frequently moving instantaneously to the upper right corner of the screen. After removing the batteries and the USB transmitter and then putting everything back, it was still happening. A reboot didn’t fix it either. The problem didn’t appear to be happening with the trackpad on my laptop. So, I figured the cheap Logitech keyboard/mouse combo was having hardware problems, though the keyboard was working fine.

As a result, I turned off the wireless mouse and reverted to a wired mouse. Low and behold, it immediately started showing the same behavior. I was fit to be tied for 30 minutes or so, but then the behavior stopped. It stopped sometime after I initiated a Bitdefender scan to look for viruses, but that found nothing.

So, what was going on? Maybe a background Dell add-on product install was to blame?

I once had an HP laptop, provided by my employer as we pushed to bring technology, finally to the field… WeCo Installation. That thing acted like it was possessed, didn’t matter what I did, unix finally I removed its battery and booted it up while it was plugged in, only… The fix was the battery terminals, scrub them with an eraser to clean them and it was OK a few days… Nearly tossed it into he parking lot from a few floors up… But did trade it off an another, different branded laptop, spooky as it would not only jump all over the screen but actually click on things… Worst one ever…

Gone… Should be forgotten!

Well, this morning after I disabled the trackpad (per advice from google searches), no more bad mouse movement behavior. Yet. We shall see.

The touchpad really should be automatically disabled, by default, if there’s a mouse attached.

But this is not the norm. I have no idea why not.

(For Linux there’s touchpad-indicator to fix this. I don’t know of an equivalent program for Windows, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot.)

It only started misbehaving two days ago, after 5+ years of daily use with a hardwired or wireless mouse and keyboard. I’d guess the trackpad hardware might be starting to malfunction. Though disconnecting the mouse and actually using the trackpad does not show the aberrant behavior.