So quiet (OT)

Congratulations on the quietest day I’ve seen Saul’s board since joining 2+ years ago.

Not that I’m here daily but can’t recall it being so low volume. Everyone probably out adjusting their portfolio with this week’s downdraft (me!), or busy calculating all those YTD gains on a stellar year (for the markets anyway, not humanity or our economy or our political landscape).

Anyhow, only 3 messages so far today, until I polluted it 25% with this OT one.

Let this be our reminder to keep things HIGH signal to LOW noise here, please. If you want to contribute, please build up your thoughts instead of posting one-liners, and avoid responding to multiple replies/posts separately (please combine them if on a related topic or thread).

Librarian muji says SHHHH (and don’t respond unless you add value)


…or considering which appreciated stocks to donate to help the many who have been far less fortunate this year.

The impact of this board is that I am now in a position to make charitable donations that help a lot more people than I could have just a few years ago, and for that I am truly grateful.



Since it’s quiet here and this is an OT thread.
I watched a movie yesterday on Prime TV that I think people here would enjoy.
THE SECRET: DARE TO DREAM (with Katie Holmes)
Very positive messaging and entertaining at the same time.
Cheers and Happy New Year to all.