Solar credits - details

Not sure if we mentioned the details of the solar investment tax credit (ITC) that is going to pass shortly.

Commercial projects beginning by 2019 will receive the current 30% subsidy. In 2020 and 2021 new projects will receive 26% and 22% subsidies respectively . Projects starting construction after that will receive a 10% tax credit. All projects must complete construction by 2024 to qualify.

Residential ITC will also setp down, expiring 12/21/2021.

Impacts tax credits for wind installation as well.

If you are going to do credits, this is the way. Allow them to tail off instead of drop off, much easier for people to plan.

I would love to see the bad ethanol subsidies tail off. Currently a 10% mix with gas. Move it to 9% in 2017, then 8% in 2019, down to 5%. Ok, I prefer down to 0%, but i will compromise :wink: