Deal Reached: Solar Tax Credits Extended

After posting a few days ago that a deal might be near, a deal has been announced by House Speaker Ryan that will extend solar tax credits for five years in exchange for lifting the export ban on domestic oil.

Again, I am solely highlighting this because it relates to solar stocks, particularly SEDG for readers of this board. Via ABC News:

Congressional leaders and the White House have reached agreement on a massive year-end tax and spending package, House Speaker Paul Ryan told GOP lawmakers late Tuesday, urging support for the legislation that delivers GOP wins but also includes many Democratic priorities.

The package would fund the government through the 2016 budget year, raise domestic and defense spending, and increase the deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars by extending numerous popular tax credits without paying for them. It lifts the 40-year-old ban on exporting U.S. crude, a long-sought GOP goal that Republicans pointed to as their top win, and delays or suspends several taxes meant to pay for President Barack Obama’s health care law.

Democrats won five-year extensions of wind and solar credits and…

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  • Matt

Excellent - perhaps Solar City can announce they are going back to plan A (go go go) and SEDG can share in the relief rally. Could be a very interesting trade!

The best news is that this is how government is supposed to work, maybe more stuff will now get done…

House Republicans agreed to extend the investment tax credit (ITC) through 2019 in exchange for the Democrats helping them lift the crude export ban.

Still has to pass the Senate and President, but it should with both parties on board.