Solar Tax Credits Could Be Extended Soon

As part of a deal to lift the crude oil export ban, an extension of solar tax credits is being discussed and could possibly be signed into law soon. I obviously am only posting this because it is at least indirectly related to SEDG, not to start a politically-motivated discussion based on the pros and cons of such a deal.

I believe these tax credits were set to expire either at the end of this year or next.

Via the New York Times (the relevant part is bolded):

For months, Senator Lisa Murkowski, Republican of Alaska, and Senator Heidi Heitkamp, Democrat of North Dakota, formed a quiet, persistent alliance as they sought to convince their colleagues that it was time to end a more than 40-year ban on crude oil exports.

They turned the Senate floor into a symposium on the history of Nixon-era oil price controls. They offered up lectures on modern-day energy economics. They stressed the potential for using crude oil exports to increase American soft power — by limiting the reliance of American allies on oil-producing rivals like Iran and Russia.

In the end, it seems, their efforts were an exemplar in soft-power legislating. After months of cajoling, Congress seems to be on the verge of lifting the crude oil export ban as part of a giant year-end spending and tax deal.

As high-stakes negotiations on the spending and tax packages continued Thursday…

…Officials in both parties, however, said that a provision to end the oil export ban remained at the center of the talks, possibly tied to an extension of tax credits for wind and solar power.

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Obviously, no deal is final yet but current negotiations are ongoing and we could see something soon.

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…“I don’t see very much support on the Democratic side for the tax extender bill,” she said. “It includes hundreds of billions of dollars in permanent tax breaks for special interests and big corporations while neglecting hardworking families.”

“Lifting the ban on oil and all the money that that means for the oil industry, while they can’t index for children, it’s just, it’s too big,” Pelosi said. “It’s unfair, and it does not have the support of House Democrats.”
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Friday the WH spokesman said the administration was opposed to a removal of the ban on export of most crude.

Still, SolarCity SCTY UP about 42% in a month (from $25/stub so way down there but…). With Elon Musk’s propensity for crony capitalism and political influence, does someone know something?

Have been short SCTY since June but the danger has always been Musk running to government for another bailout.