SolarEdge rise???

Has anyone heard anything which would explain the $3.10 rise in SolarEdge today?


I’m not sure. Last Saturday, I spent a whole day installing a solar system on a residential property. I was a volunteer and it was my first time participating in such an installation. It was a retrofit system on the roof of the garage. It included 11 solar panels which together produce about 3 kWa. We installed an Enphase microinverter on each panel. Total materials cost of the system was about $6000. It took 3 of us about 6 hours to install the system. I think if I volunteer a couple more times then I will be able to install systems on my own.

BTW, I did not buy any shares of SolarEdge but I continue to hold SCTY.



Only thing I have seen is the not so new news on getting Tesla batteries.
Maybe it’s the time line of getting them within the next six months? Not sure if that was already released……

The vice-president for marketing and product strategy at one of only two inverter suppliers to Tesla says it has promised customers that it can “get the battery within six months”.

I heard Saul Rosenthal took a position this week or last, and I’m pretty sure he has the Golden Touch. That’s all I know. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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