GLBE reported this evening and investors liked what they saw with the stock soaring over 16%. Here is the press release:…

I sold out of my GLBE position during AH trading. The company has produced three public ERs now with the revenue Y/Y looking like this:

FQ4 2021 +54. Y/Y
FQ3 2021 +77% Y/Y
FQ2 2021 +92% Y/Y

I expected better results for the Holiday season.

GLBE is a nice company that should do well going forward; however, I believe there are better places for my investment dollars.

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Compare was against covid holiday Q, fwiw.

They also forecasted 72% growth for fy 2022.

They did 80% for fy 2021.

They look likely to meet or exceed 80% in 2022.

Benefit of new clients from shopify partnership didnt even kick in yet.

My 2 lonely cents,

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Hi Dreamer:

I think a lot of investors are seeing it your way as evidenced by the strong AH trading. I was expecting some acceleration from the holiday season - just didn’t work out all that well. Good company and should do well on the next report based on comps. I am out for now based on the deceleration noted - this wouldn’t be the first time I misread the tea leaves and your 2 lonely cents might just win the day - IF - that turns out to be the best place for investment going forward.

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