Sold the extra blather

…on the suspicion that it will eventually come to light the issue with Pratt engines is their use of an inferior material, or a design defect, or both, not the “small number of contaminated parts” management claims.



When will the whistle blowers begin writing their books? Million dollar publisher contracts may be possible.

I don’t see a lot of blower potential in a consumer grade engine. The F-35 engine is a different matter. Seems the engine was “underspeced”, so the pilots have to run it harder than planned, increasing maintenance costs and reducing engine life. Over the years, I saw several reports that the AF was reducing standards to meet what Lockheed could deliver. Not beyond the realm of possibility that the AF reduced the specs for the engine to what Pratt could deliver.

Of course, DoD procurement is so Shiny, we can’t tell what is really going on, Pratt propaganda? GE propaganda? Lockheed trying to deflect blame from it’s own poor performance?

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