Some Basic Rules of the Board!

Basic Rules of the Board

In all the flurry of nonsense over the weekend, some of you may have missed this post:

Yes, there are some off-topic subjects that don’t belong on the board. What comes to mind off the top of my hat are subjects like politics, like extended discussion of technical analysis or option trading subjects, like how to cultivate apple orchards (after the initial two or three posts), like private humorous conversations (also after the initial two or three posts). That’s just a few, but you get the idea. There’s nothing wrong with these topics and there are other places where they’d be welcome, but they don’t fit with this board. Expressions of anger because people disagree with you about a stock are definitely out of place here.

There are also companies that don’t belong on the board. Like a company that has seen decreasing revenue and decreasing earnings over a number of years, and now is being considered as a take-over, or a sell-off-the-parts candidate. That’s simply not what this board is about. There are other boards for this kind of situation. Another example would be an early stage biotech, with no actual revenue, but great ideas. Or a new IPO of a company that has revenue, but still has large losses and hopes of breaking even two years from now. You can weed those out yourself.

However, besides such obvious misfits for the board, feel free to introduce stocks you are interested in. But not just with “I heard about an interesting stock called XYZ”. Tell us something about it! What does it do? Is it growing? What are its earnings? Why you like it? That kind of thing.

**As far as restricting to “Saul stock’s”**I don’t know what a “Saul stock” is. Seriously. I look at a stock and examine it with the method outlined in the Knowledgebase, which is available to everyone. So let’s quit talking about Saul stocks, which don’t have any fixed meaning that I’m aware of, and talk about evaluating stocks using the “Knowledgebase method,” or even the “Saul method” if you like a shorter title. Some people will prefer to use other methods. That’s what makes horse racing, to mix a metaphor.

This board isn’t about any particular stocks. It’s about learning how to evaluate stocks using a valuable, effective and common sense method. With the method, you’ll find your own stocks!

I’ve seen calls to move discussions of Bofi to another board because I’ve sold out of it. I don’t think that’s a good reason to stop discussing a stock. I sell out of plenty of stocks but welcome discussion of them (CRTO, EPAM, PAYC, WAB, LOGM ZOES, POL, XPO, etc, etc, etc). I see the problem with Bofi as being all the intense feelings around it (pro and con both), so that the recent discussions were less discussions of the fundamentals of the company than angry feelings being expressed (pro and con) about the recent short attacks. This was very disruptive to our board. Thus, rather than thinking of us not discussing a stock because I have sold out of it, a cooling off period on Bofi might be a good idea, and then a return to discuss its fundamentals would be welcome.

Best to all of you,