Some bullish signals appeared

The stock market has turned decidedly “less bearish” in the last couple of weeks.

Bullish switches this week
SMA Slope - technically, could be a whipsaw in the nxt few weeks, but it is bullish even with a small hysteresis band.
bullish 10/50 Cross on the S&P (happened Friday)
MACD Weekly
PAMA 50 Naz/S&P (got up to Neutral on the Naz, bullish on S&P)

Bearish switches
PAMA 5d off 21d high

For what it’s worth my overall “Christmas tree” board is now up to 1 (Neutral-Optimistic) from -7 2 weeks ago, where it had been effectively since Jan 14th.


My timing signal status on Friday:
Timing: Disconfirm recession, stay IN stocks
Timing: IN stocks (+1.6% vs. SMA)
94’th consecutive week of the signal saying to stay in stocks.

SMA signal solidly in the black.

FWIW, my total portfolio is down only -2.5% YTD, while the S&P500 is down -4.68% and ACWI down -5.48%. January was rough.