Some good news (and extra characters to get to the required minimum of fifteen - am I there yet?)

I think I’ve hinted that the kiddo is starting to do some grown up things and acting like an adult. The most recent thing is that he’s got a job. Not some sheltered workshop kind of job, but a real job that he had to get on his own. He’s working for some outfit headed by a mouse. I think the mouse’s name is Michael, or something like that. :wink:

Anyway, he technically started 2 1/2 weeks ago with his first two days of company orientation. I like to call it brainwashing, because that’s what it seems like. But a good kind of brainwashing - the history of the company, the vision of it’s founders, what kind of attitude they expect their employees to have, things like that. Then he had to wait a week before starting the training for his specific position.

From looking at his initial schedule, it seems like they typically allow 4 days for training, then turn the new hire loose to do the job. He requested an accommodation for his physical disabilities, limiting his work shifts to 5 hours a day. Once the right people got this info, they quickly stretched his training out a bit to 35 hours (7 5-hour days instead of the usual 4 8-hour days.) And rather than being in a training group, he is being trained by himself. I’m quite impressed with how well they are accommodating his needs.

On the down side, training has been pretty stressful on him. The nature of some of the classroom training is telling new hires all the things they can get fired for doing. So he spent a bit of time - several days - fretting over that. I think he finally got over that today, as he was pretty chipper and happy when I picked him up this afternoon.

There was also a bit of a stress test in the schedule itself. The entertainment facility where he works is generally open from 8 am to midnight. And since his specific job is taking tickets at the main entrance, they want new hires to experience both opening and closing procedures. His first training day was at quite civilized mid-day hours. The second day they had him working from after dinner to closing. Day three was back to mid day hours, then day 4 had him there an hour before opening. Quite the stressful schedule for anyone. But he got through it like a trooper, fretting about timeliness every day (as too many tardy days will get you fired). Then we got a weekend to sleep it off before starting all over yesterday. But at least this week’s hours are consistent mid-day hours.

I will also say that he looks quite sharp in his work uniform. And he’s loving the chance to be outside and meeting people all day. So it looks like things are going pretty well there. They may need to tweak a couple of his duties because of his wheelchair.

Another great thing is the independence this is fostering in him. All through his school years, he’s had a one-on-one aid in the classroom, there to give him a hand with pretty much everything. He’s gotten used to that, and was a little fearful of having to do things on his own. But just a few days in now, he’s heading off confidently from a drop off spot on the street into this giant facility, knowing where he needs to enter and clock in. Today he did the clock in entirely on his own as his trainer was running a bit late. Surprised a few folks, but in a good way.

It’s nice to have a few good developments for a change.



How good to hear this! Made my day!!




This post (or whatever they call them now) gave me tears of joy. You must be so proud!

You are a wonderful father and role model, so patient and generous with your time. I am so happy for the good things happening in your life.



A little update. So yesterday was supposed to be his final training day. At the end of it, he learned that he hadn’t shown the ability to work independently at the job. So the trainer was going to meet with a couple of the managers who have seen him and decide what to do next. One option would be some continued training. Another would be to have him switch departments. And a third would be one we don’t want to think about.

So he spent the rest of the day and most of today fretting about his job. It has been on his mind all day. We even went out to do an errand and that’s all he could talk about in the car.

This afternoon, we got a new caregiver in. They’ve been on hold for a few days while he’s been working. One of his go-to activities with them is to go for a walk. Well, while he was out he got a phone call with the decision: more training.


As an outside observer, this makes a lot of sense. One part of the training was to read through a 110 page (or so) manual. DS can read, but he’s very slow. He spent the better part of his first 4 training days reading this thing. By the time he got out to do a bit of hands-on training, he had only a couple of hours available to work on the task. That simply wasn’t enough for him. It might not be enough for a lot of folks.

So some severe stress has come and gone again. Don’t have an exact schedule yet, but he will get that soon enough. I’m guessing they’ll have him back on site sometime next week to carry on with his training. Hopefully, that will do the trick and he will have some consistency back in his life. That’s been bugging him a lot over the last few months.



I’m so sorry that your son had to go through that very scary and anxious wait. Not fun for anyone, but such a particularly sensitive situation him! I couldn’t be more pleased at the result!


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Your post bring me joy in this struggle of life. The one thing I realized with my caregiving struggle is that many people are dealing with life long challenges. Good luck to your son and you.