Some good news: TSMC is mostly back in business


And some other good news for TSMC - Phoenix! HOT!

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But still keeping their best technology in Taiwan. Not to be deployed in the US.

Good news: TSMC looks set to hit Intel where it hurts, announcing its A16 node with ‘Super Power Rail’ backside power delivery | PC Gamer

TSMC says that chips built on the new A16 process will provide an 8-10% speed improvement over N2P at the same voltage, with a 15-20% power reduction at the same speed and up to a 1.10X chip density improvement for data centre products. The company aims to begin production on chips using the tech in 2026.

It’s a good article and covers numerous things that are positive. This may be a better chip than the new intel chip coming out, faster with an ultra high tech node not requiring any new ASML equipment. There is a reference to intel losing billions last quarter while TSM is still profitable. Also this new cpu comes out in 2026 while the intel cpu comes out in 2027 so score one for the good guys…doc