sound goes off when I move the laptop

I have a Lenova laptop running windows 10. Many times when I pick it up to move it, the sound goes off, even though the volume bar says I still have sound.
The only way I can bring back the sound is to power down the computer and bring it back up. The sound then comes back on. Any idea why this happens? Someone did suggest its a software issue, having something to do with what the computer does when I “close the lid”, and the computer is thinking that when I it up, I’m closing the lid.

A Google search gave me some good results:…

Might do some reading and see if any of the links provide a solutation. GL…

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First thought: if you suspect the computer thinks you’re closing the lid, have you tried actually closing the lid (and then reopening it)?

Thanx much poodle and warri for responding, I appreciate the help.

It appears problem is solved !!!

I went to control panel, clicked on Systems and Security…then on Power Options. Another menu then apprears on the left hand side of screen…I clicked on “Choose What Happens When You Close The Lid”, or something like that. I clicked on it.

So, I changed the options from “Sleep” to “Do Nothing” for when I close the lid, for both situations (when I’m running on battery and when I’m attached to a power cord). Then I hit Apply, or Save, or whatever it was…and rebooted.

So I’m guessing that something is loose in the computer wiring, and when I moved it, it thought I was shutting the lid, and went into Sleep mode, and shut off the sound.

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It appears problem is solved !!!


Yes, MS has always had issues when the machine "goes to sleep", all the way back to WFWG 3.11. Honestly, I've never used that or hibernation. More problems with both of these "modes" that MS, in their infinate wisdom, has been unable/unwilling to fix. Also, there are many "chip sets" (*not processors, although this is part of "the set"*) still out there that are marginal, the OS shows you their shortcomings.

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