Square Weebly and Wix

square and weebly vs wix


If you decide that using an all-inclusive website builder is right for you, then Weebly and Squarespace will be the two I’d narrow it down to. Wix is fine, but other than big brand name, there is nothing that you get with Wix that you can’t also get with the other two…and still get the benefits of the Weebly / Squarespace
I was thinking about buying Wix but think the Weebly acquisition and the software engineers that go with it give Square the edge. OTOH I don’t think this is a "there is only one "business, and competition is good for all. It’s best to be #1 and pushed by #2 , but not too hard.

It might seem that everybody that wants a web site has one by now.

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Is this article/analysis mixing up Square and Squarespace? Those 2 are not the same thing, unless I am mistaken.