Stanley Druckenmiller - Cloud stocks/disruptors

The Druck is the GOAT - he averaged 30% CAGR over 30 years.

50% of his personal fund is now invested in cloud companies.

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Hey now!

Your board host is the GOAT! :slight_smile: Without dabbling in currency trading, shorts, futures, etc etc. :wink:

Still 30% over 30 years does wonders beyond imagination to a portfolio of almost any size.

I guess if you are a billionaire, you now have no choice but to hold big chunks of Amazon, Mr Softy, Salesforce, etc.

Thankfully, we can buy the real disruptors, your Zscalers, AYX, TWLO, TTD, etc etc.



Agreed Matt, he must own the big caps as he is worth a few billion.

I am guilty of being long AMZN, BABA and CRM but also have positions in TWLO, DOCU, ESTC, ZUO.

Also long a bunch of high growth fintech (SQ, PYPL, STNE etc) and e commerce names (MELI, SHOP, BZUN etc), with a sprinkling of hyper growth disruptive China stocks, which are now breaking out of their lengthy downtrends.

The cloud names we all follow and own are up big today!

Full credit to Saul for being ahead of the pack on the cloud story, and to all the posters who contribute and make this board great!