Starbucks Anti-Union Howard Schultz Steps Down

And on Wednesday, March 29, Schultz is scheduled to testify before the Senate HELP (Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions) Committee in response to accusations that Starbucks has not allowed its workers to “organize unions,” nor engaged “in collective bargaining to improve their wages and working conditions,” according to a statement from Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

I wonder if Schultz will utilize his stepping down as an excuse to avoid the lambasting from congressional reps?

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Isn’t this the second time Schultz is stepping down?


Not according to The Guardian article.

The Captain


He may run for president again. He is the man the myth the legend.

But he is a cheapo with the decaf. His chemical process leaves about 35% of the decaf in a cup when you order a venti. He wont pay to do the job right. All the women my age in line warned me don’t drink the decaf.