Starship Threatening NASA Moon Contractors

… just look at the way Elon ran rings around the Jack Welch-trained MBAs who run Boeing.

And Bezos’ rocket that falls short of Alan Shepard’s 1961 space flight is a joke.

Why Musk’s biggest space gamble is freaking out his competitors…

Starship is designed to be the first all-purpose space vehicle: a reusable and refuelable spacecraft that can take scores of people and millions of tons of cargo from Earth directly to the moon and eventually Mars — and do it over and over again.

NASA and its major industry partners are simultaneously scrambling to complete their own moon vehicles: the Space Launch System mega-rocket and companion Orion capsule. But the program is billions of dollars over budget and years behind schedule — and, many would argue, generations behind SpaceX in innovation.



Musk has full control over the budget, schedule, etc. That gives him a level flexibility (and lack of accountability) which a government space project doesn’t enjoy.