Artemis One Moon shots costs

To you is it worth it?

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But this rocket has taken years longer to build than expected, and it’s also proven unexpectedly costly. NASA’s inspector general, Paul Martin, has said that each of its first three flights will cost more than $4 billion — and that doesn’t include billions more in development costs.Nov 16, 2022

NASA's Artemis rocket finally lifts off and heads toward the moon : NPR.

The science side of this is interesting. The measurements of radiation on life in space are unknown or at least not fully known.



Lockheed, Boeing, and Northrup all have their fingers in it. The way those companies run programs, it’s a wonder the thing didn’t blow up on the pad, and the contractors announce they need Bunches Billions more from the government for "development’.


Yes, the space program has always had advantages, over and above [as it were] its primary mission:



The mistake is it is a manned mission. That’s probably ten times more expensive than sending robots and much less valuable.

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True. But we want boots on the ground. Especially Mars. And so it is. “Space… the final frontier”. It has little to do with science, or value. The original Moon mission was more about political and national pride (do it before Russia) than anything else.

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In real terms just eyeballing it this moonshot is relatively less expensive than the 1960s moonshot. While this is the early stages and no so bad cost wise as the decade progresses and US GDP growth roars the relative cost to society will be less. During the supply side period as our economy suffered in a lot of ways this was unaffordable.

The future studies of radiation need to be done by machines. The humans may follow for colonization.

There are experts saying we can not live in space. That is not considering the full data yet because we do not have that full data. That is not considering future cover against radiation.

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