Staying broke creates wealth

WARNING: the video linked below is a Tesla FanBoy. And it’s PG17 for Adult language.

SKIP to the 12:00 MINUTE MARK to the 14:20 point in the video, Stephen Mark Ryan explains Life Style Inflation or Life Style Creep and how he has avoided it, by “paying himself first” and keeping his expenses at zero, or close to zero (AKA “Extreme LBYM”).

“Staying broke is an excellent way to create wealth.”

Macroeconomic link? The JCs hate non-consumers?

BTW. Skip back from the 12 minute mark, to the 6:50 mark to the 7:40, where he describes HIS choices for “staying broke to build wealth”.

ralph has been “extreme” a couple times.


The guy is not broke, just short on cash.

The Captain


is a Tesla FanBoy

You don’t say.

I went to his index page ( and counted rows and multiplied by number across. Which makes for…

746 pro-Tesla videos

As such the value of any investment advice from the guy is questionable.