$STLA - Ram reveals EV pickup concept that will compete against Ford, GM and Rivian + Charts for $F $GM $RIVN $STLA $TSLA

I’ll take one of these, the Lightning, or the new Silverardo EV over the Rivian or Cybrtruck.

One of the strongest daily charts for anything in US Markets and most definitely the sweetest EV connected charts. This bad boy is going to hit a new 52-week High if it continues like this.

$STLA - daily, weekly, and monthly charts

$F Ford daily, weekly, and monthly charts

$GM daily, weekly, and monthly charts

$RIVN daily, weekly, and monthly charts are some of the worst looking in EVs

$TSLA daily, weekly, and monthly charts


Brilliant design! Construction bosses and carpenters and plumbers will love this feature:

Ram says the truck’s powered mid-gate can retract and reveal mounted jump seats, which can also be removed to allow multiple flexible seating configurations. Ram also says when the mid-gate is retracted, the full length of the car is available for long cargo, enabling a pass-through (that includes the frunk) that can fit objects up to 18-ft. long.

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Interesting, Peregrine. Thanks for sharing.

How do you rate the auto industry in recession? My numbers say volumes can fall by 30% and earnings by 40% in a severe recession. I would expect Stellantis with heavy participation in Europe to take an especially large hit.

So better for long investors to wait for a bottom. Best for short term traders now.


I’ve been considering buying the Ford F-150 Lightning for nearly a year. This is the message I get for at least the last 5-6 months -

“Due to high demand, the current model year is no longer available for retail order. Contact your dealer for more information.”

I also contacted a few nearby dealers and they were asking a minimum of $20k over MSRP, so that’s a no go. They don’t have any of them anyway, but they still want a huge premium over MSRP to “reserve” one when they eventually come in. I still have an outstanding order for a cybertruck, but that’s still vaporware. I might also consider rhe RAM if it ever makes the transition from “concept” to “real”. I’m not even sure if a truck is the right vehicle for me, I would prefer an EV minivan, but with the low popularity of minivans, I doubt any will exist anytime soon.

The fact that I am even considering a Ford is a minor miracle since I shunned them since 1985 when they sold me a new Mustang GT of extremely low quality. The maintenance and repairs on that car cost me close to 50% of the purchase price over the 4 years of ownership, and cost me massive amounts of time and hassle. Warranty sucked at the time. As.an illustration of how bad the quality was, I picked up the car (about 65 miles from home) at 4:30pm and started driving home. At 5:05pm, the shifter (it was a 5 speed Borg Warner (very high quality made in Germany) transmission) came loose in my hand!!! I limped home in 3rd gear (had to loosen the boot and work it into gear with a lot of maneuvering) on local roads. Then the next day I limped all the way to the dealer in 3rd. Turns out the bolt that connected the shifter to the transmission wasn’t tightened, and never had the locking second nut installed. And that was just the first of many quality issues with that vehicle.

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Automotive profits in a recession often turn into whopping losses. I’ve seen that quite a few times since I hired into GM in 1970, retiring from Ford in 2010 (and working some non-auto stuff in between).

Along with that, frequent layoffs hanging over people, even in good times. Not a fun industry to work in.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.