Strange happenings...

…posts disappearing.

Thought it was my imagination but I posted a reply to Tim’s OP on the state of dentistry in Nova Scotia, checked to see it was posted (it was) and about 15 minutes later, it has disappeared. But so has Tim’s.

Actually quite a worthwhile thread start, I thought, seeing as it pertained to post-Covid effects on one aspect of the healthcare industry.

In fact, a whole thread disappeared on the LBYM board a while back which included a very worthwhile post-with-link on skeletal muscle loss with age that I can’t find from Wendy


…and, just like that, they reappear??

I only FA posts with political content (or nastiness to another METAR). Board monitors from TMF remove posts that I FA but also remove content themselves. I didn’t FA the posts you mention. I don’t know why they were removed.

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Are you sure you didn’t accidently hit ‘ignore thread’?
It’s right next to ‘whole thread’ so it’s not that hard to do.
I think viewing your own post from your profile (last x messages) would then ‘un-ignore’ the thread.
But that’s just guesswork. Seems unlikely that TMF did it accidently and then corrected their mistake, but that’s probably not impossible either.