This is a paid site by Ben Thompson I recommend to Saul’s readers. Not expensive, maybe $100 or so a year, and he works right in our interest zone. Today’s post is about OKTA. An interview with Todd McKinnon.

A question I have been pondering on Stratechery for several years now is what company and product category — if any — will tie together all of the different parts of the enterprise technology stack. For a long time it was Microsoft, but the cloud fundamentally upset the company’s lock-in.
A clear candidate is Okta, a company I have covered several times in the past, and, as I note in my ethic statement, did a consulting project for back in 2014. Okta got its start as a Single Sign-on provider for the ever-increasing number of cloud services a company might use, but now bills itself as an Identity Platform.

Sorry but I don’t feel comfortable posting more from a paid site. Hope this doesn’t break any of Saul’s rules. And I’m not connected with Mr Thompson except as a subscriber.