Strength in a down market

I’m always interested to see how some of the companies we follow on this board do against the broader markets, especially on a down day. My goal has been and remains, to beat the S&P500 by a reasonable margin, so this is why this type of snapshot is important for me. I’m not looking for Saul type of numbers (+33% is mind blowing, especially since '96), rather I’m looking for a meaningful beat. A few % above the broader market can translate to some real money over the longer run.

The two broad indexes that I follow as a proxy for the broader US market are SP500 and Wilshire 5000
SP500: down about 5.9%
VTI: down about 5.9% (they sometimes vary by a 1% or so, based on how the small and midcap indexes do, which is included in VTI and not so much in the SP500)

A few of the companies we follow here, listed best to worst (based on today performance only)
ZM: Up about 0.5% (especially impressive given all the overvaluation assessments)
OKTA: down about 1.4%
CRWD: down about 2.2%
COUP: down about 2.6%
DDOG: down about 2.8%
FSLY: down about 4.3%
AYX: down about 6.1%

I get it that today is just a snapshot and shouldn’t be read into significantly, but I hope you find this info interesting.