Sudden surge in sea level rise threatens the American South

… it’s almost like God is smiting the climate deniers. {{ LOL }}

{{ At more than a dozen tide gauges spanning from Texas to North Carolina, sea levels are at least 6 inches higher than they were in 2010 — a change similar to what occurred over the previous five decades. }}



Michigan is more than 600 feet above sea level. I’m sure the folks outstate will declare reports like this “fake news”, because they don’t see any difference.



What is was more damaging is the loss due to coastal erosion from all the dredging for pipelines but also from levees “controlling” silt deposits from “Old Man River” and other rivers/bayous. Get a nice hurricane and nothing to hold back the storm surge so problem only worsens.

…and the simple fact that Old Man River wants to deposit its silt somewhere else, namely a hundred or so miles to the West.

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