Swiss elections

Switzerland’s anti-immigration Swiss People’s Party rebounded from searing losses four years ago to become the largest parliamentary faction after the election, official results showed, as two environmentally-minded parties lost ground…

Pre-election polls suggested that Swiss voters had three main concerns: Rising fees for the obligatory, free market-based health insurance system; climate change, which has eroded Switzerland’s many glaciers; and worries about migrants and immigration

It marked the latest sign of a rightward turn in Europe, after victories or electoral gains by conservative parties in places like Greece, Sweden and Italy over the last year, even if voters in Poland rejected their national conservative government last week.




EU and Swiss “conservatives” are more like Bernie. For the longest time Bernie was anti-immigrant as pro-labor.

The UK conservatives are climate change net zero folks as are the Swiss People’s party.

The Swiss Peopel’s party wants to reign in healthcare costs. That involves price controls instead of allowing the free market to set prices. Making them to the left of Bernie and inline with Nixon.

And German Chancellor Scholz uses the D-word, deportation.

“We Have to Deport People More Often and Faster”

DER SPIEGEL: Should Germany be paying more attention to who is coming into the country and who is allowed to stay?

Scholz: We have been doing that for a long time. But we will now be differentiating even more precisely…

DER SPIEGEL: How do you intend to lower the number?

Scholz: Refugees are to be registered in their first country of entry instead of merely being waved through to Germany…We have now introduced stricter controls on our borders with neighboring countries, as we have just informed Brussels…And I haven’t even mentioned one important one yet: We must finally deport on a large scale those who have no right to stay in Germany.


Sounds like the same situation we have with Mexico. If Mexico is “safe”, within the meaning of the asylum laws, they should not “wave through” people to the US.


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But Mexico will not do that, and cannot make them do it. Which brings us to the nub of the problem: the collapse of coherent legitimate governance in lots of countries actually needs to be confronted, because if a big part of the world’s population are legitimate refugees giving them refuge does not accomplish anything but a temporary and decaying solution.

What to do, what to do. I know! We should form a league of righteous nations and take over and fix the world.

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I could suggest that offering refuge to the disaffected makes it possible for the corruption and crime in their home country to continue. If the people had no alternative, they could rise up and establish a better system.

Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,

When was the last successful uprising in Latin America? Not a coup, but a real uprising. The overthrow of the Somoza regime in Nicaragua? That was over 40 years ago. And what happened then? Shiny-land did it’s best to overthrow the new government and reinstall the jumped up piece of poo.



The US and as well Germany like Japan are protecting the top of the income ladder.

No matter where you think you are on the income ladder in America or Germany generally you are at the top globally. The rest of the world have it pretty bad economically. Consider the majority of countries have between $500 and $5000 in assets per capita.

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