SWKS below 75

I had a limit buy for SWKS at 75.5, which I thought it will never hit when I created it a few months ago, was executed this morning

Same with SKX limit buy at 26.5, and KMI at 25



Markets go up, markets go down…

stocks have 52 week highs and stocks have 52 week lows…wherever it stops, nobody knows…

Have a great Friday everyone.

We are all in the same boat, I feel the same sting you get when you open your portfolio…


Sentiment trumps fundamentals in the short term, and often in the medium term. Hopefully the fundamentals will keep improving for the long term.

Look at GOOGL, NFLX, FB, AMZN, LNKD, PCLN. During the same time that a lot of the SWKS, SKX, BOFI like stocks had been going up over the past 2 years, the former were bouncing back and forth in a range and not really getting anywhere.

Now risk rotates as new segments make highs while others bounce in a range. People need to sell stuff to buy other stuff, and often things that have had big runups are prime targets. Also often things that have big selloffs become no touches until there is a reason for them to be back on the rader for big buyers.

The part that sucks is you can be in quality stocks but waste a lot of time while they go no where. Of course I have no idea where things are going, but that is my take on the past few months of action