What are you guys doing with this one?…

…an encouraging article that most of us have probably read

I am holding strong and not reading too much into the short term weakness. The long term story is strong with huge potential so there is no reason to worry. I will reevaluate if new information is presented that changes the long term thesis. If it keeps going down it may be tempting to add yet more.

Good Luck and keep the emotion in check!

I see nothing except lack of news that is making the stock go down. In their last quarterly report they seemed to be doing everything that I could ask for, although perhaps slightly slower than I would prefer.



I held SZYM in 2012 - ish ( i think at least) and it went through the exact same downward trend in 2012. That was probably in the first 6 months of my personal investing career. I did not have the stomach and sold out.

It was not actually a bad decision at the time. The bad decision was buying it too early.

Today is a different situation IMHO. Facilities are coming on line and generate product that is being sold. Partnerships are in place. The market demand is ever present. They have a very diversified portfolio of products thus wont be dependent on 1 market. Management is doing all the right things.

Don’t be surprised if it hits the high $6 range and stick there for a little while. I am in at $11, but when enough cash is freed up i will be buying some more. May it be at $7, $9, or $13.

I am OK with that as it is a small % of my portfolio. I just really like the risk/reward equation here.


Their Moema plant ramp may be slower than people expect. And its problem, in my opinion, was more than just intermittent utility disruption and may not be completely fixed the time they announced their q2 results. Like Q2, their Q3 numbers may also be disappointing whereas expenses relating to the plants start-up cost would be rather high.

Having said that, SZYM has long been a development company and is just now transitioning to a commercial/manufacturing company. They are starting up two large plants. Setbacks are expected and understandable. So far nothing that has happened has changed long-term investment thesis in my opinion. The potential Szym had to offer when its stock price was at $14 is still intact today with its stock price below $8. What is different is that irrational exuberance is replaced with irrational dispair. Its a buy opportunity to me if I didn’t already have a fairly large position.

It will take about 12 to 18 months to ramp up the plant volume. We need to watch closely how it progresses in that front.


I added to my SZYM position yesterday. I’ve also added to some of my other positions over the past week: UBNT, MA, EBAY, AVO, BOFI, and PFIE.


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