T-Mobile follow up

Following up from http://discussion.fool.com/Message.asp?mid=32905749.

TMUS finished out the year. TCJA gave them a huge EPS bump, which I removed for the following table:

          Q1     Q2      Q3      Q4     Year
2014		0.48	-0.12	0.12	0.29
2015	-0.09	0.42	 0.15	0.34	0.82
2016	 0.56	0.25	 0.42	0.45	1.68
2017	 0.8	0.67	 0.63	0.61	2.71 (after TCJA (tax) adjustment)

Look at that last column, growing very well.

Annual shareholder info: http://investor.t-mobile.com/Cache/1001231994.PDF?O=PDF&… (this, and prior versions, are where I got the table’s data).

Conference call transcript: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4145138-t-mobile-uss-tmus-c…

TMUS the stock hasn’t reflected the EPS growth, being at about the same spot as a year ago.

Businesses are starting to choose T-mobile more, “Unlike consumers, they actually take that product out and test it extensively before picking us. And man, are they picking us… in 2017, for the first time, over 20% of our postpaid net add performance was in the business sector… we actually aren’t deep yet in being able to offer a broad range of solutions to these customers, and they’re now coming for us asking for us…”

The 600MHz spectrum expansion will unlock a lot of new customers.